About CBR

I launched County Bike Rentals in 2018 combining a passion for cycling and Prince Edward County, my new home.  These passions predate CBR by many decades.  I bought my first 10-speed bike in 1964 and I’ve been maintaining and riding bikes ever since.  Over the last fifteen years I trained regularly in PEC for epic charity rides, including nine rides from Toronto Sick Kids to Montreal Children’s hospital, raising more than $25,000 for kids with cancer.  

Over that period I’ve watched “The County” develop from a best-kept secret to a high profile tourist region, and also remarked at the growing interest in recreational cycling across all ages. What better way to participate myself then providing bikes and encouraging people to ride the idyllic country roads of beautiful PEC!  This was the genesis of County Bike Rentals.

While CBR incorporates 21st century ways of doing business, eliminating bricks and mortar and leveraging the internet and technology, the CBR name and logo harken back to the late 19th century, a simpler time when bicyclists enjoyed the meditative pleasure of riding down a quiet country lane; something that you can still enjoy today in The County.

Jeff Sniderman

Founder, County Bike Rentals